My Inspiration for ‘Farewell to Camelot’.

Arthurian literature has been a prolific source of inspiration by some of our greatest authors and poets over the last few centuries. I am no exception.

I would like to pay tribute to those who have been an unparalleled source of influence; Sir Thomas Malory, Edmund Spencer, Alfred Lord Tennyson, T.S. Eliot, Chretien de Troyes, Mary Stewart and John Steinbeck. I owe personal thanks to one, in particular, the late Marion Zimmer Bradley, with whom I had the privilege of spending an afternoon in an empty exposition hall discussing her perspective on what it meant to be a fictional author (while she signed my entire collection of her books). Another one of my favorite authors, Anne Rice – the queen of erotica and the ‘Vampire Chronicles’ – also offered me gracious words of encouragement at her book signing in Riverside, California’s prestigious Mission Inn.

My appreciation goes out to author and co-founder of Rolling Stone magazine, Jann Wenner for his insight and generosity on the flight to Monterey (and introducing me to Clint Eastwood). Also too, Playboy’s west coast editor, Marilyn Grabowski for her influence and hospitality many years ago.

I wish to extend my gratitude to the songbirds of our time, whose voices provided a soundtrack of beautiful music that was instrumental in guiding me through this epic journey; Loreena McKennitt, Sarah Brightman, Ann & Nancy Wilson, Stevie Nicks, Maire Brennan, Amy Lee, Candice Night, Mediaeval Baebes, and ‘Celtic Women’ everywhere.

My inspiration extends to Boris Vallejo for his visionary, artistic images that have always amazed me and to the acclaimed artist, Olivia De Bernardis, whose work and friendly words of advice I shall never forget.

Had it not been for my Brookside School teacher, Susan Rice, who introduced me to Mythology, and followed by taking our entire class on a field trip to Greece. She instilled my profound and everlasting interest in classical lore. At Seaholm High School, my creative writing teacher not only tolerated my early attempts at erotica but also submitted a short story of mine which resulted in a Detroit News Scholastic Gold Key writing award (thank you for not sending me to the principal’s office instead). To my University High history teacher, Ms. Farrell, you enthused me with your academic wisdom and grace.

Most importantly, I drew support and inspiration from my family, especially my wife of 30 years; Linda, my parents, my children, grandchildren, new and my old friends (you know who you are).  Lastly, my furry ones for their unconditional love and devotion.

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